Custom Tote Bag

April 13 2017

Studio Views | January

January 29 2017

Plant Hanger Workshop at Likely General

October 31 2016
Come and join me for another workshop at Likely General! Details: Sunday, November 6, 6-8:30pm, $85. Participants wil...

Studio Tunes | Women, Wymym, Wimmin

October 26 2016
On the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Vag Halen, Toronto's self-described feminist art rock band. They're talen...

Limited Edition Contrast Tote

July 30 2016
The new Contrast Tote. Only 5 made and only available via the new Toronto-based project Mimico Editions which feature...

Studio Views | June

July 01 2016

Studio Tunes | Sad Songs

June 23 2016
I will always be a fan of the wrenching ballad. Here are some of my recently favoured sad songs for your melancholic ...

Studio Views | May

May 31 2016

Chair Redux

March 13 2016
I remade the leather components of these Wassily-style chairs a few months back. The seat, back and arm rests are ent...

Workshop Success

February 29 2016
Being a card-carrying introvert, I had been anxiously anticipating teaching the workshop last night at Likely General...

Diamond in the Rough

February 23 2016
My friend Jessica and I like to drive around Toronto looking for random adventures. Well, as adventurous and as rando...

Studio Tunes | Covers

February 23 2016
A few songs of the cover variety I've been listening to while I work... Rocket Man (Elton John) - My Morning Jacket  ...

Apogee Turns Four!

February 22 2016
It's Apogee's 4th birthday (holy crap) and that means sale time! Use code BIGFOUR for 25% off on the website from now...

Leather Workshop at Toronto's Likely General

February 22 2016
Join me for a leather workshop at Toronto's Likely General Feb 27th or 28th. It's not as kinky as it sounds but I pro...