Diamond in the Rough

My friend Jessica and I like to drive around Toronto looking for random adventures. Well, as adventurous and as random as it's possible to get when you're two geriatrics masquerading as 30-something year olds. This can include finding new dog parks to hang out at, trips to Costco, buying things off of Kijiji, and eating veggie burgers in the parking lots of Harvey's. 

Recently I asked Jess to drive from Roncesvalles to Donlands at the peak of rush hour to buy an old, used Singer sewing machine for 25 dollars. We did, it took forever, we ate at Harvey's, and now I have this sweet little 1960's Singer. It was neglected and barely functioning when we picked it up, but came with its original (and rather sexist) instruction manual, and it turns out all it needed was (a ton of) oil and a new belt to make it run like a dream again. My research tells me it's worth a lot more than what I paid. 

Could this be a new obsession to add to the arsenal? Finding old sewing machines and making them happy again?

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